Barns in Teesdale

For me, old barns have always held a slightly sinister quality. Standard contents usually house nothing scarier than a spare shovel or some old bails of twine but the really old ones with their distressed doors and sunken roofs have always stirred my imagination and still spook me! Even those which are open,

Barn in Teesdale- Watercolour with pen

seldom do I step fully inside. I peek through the door, making my approach obvious with loud footsteps or shouts of ‘here I come, ready or not’. Consider in the UK we have no bears, larges cats (well perhaps) or wolves to contend with, should in theory make any nerves sound silly-but still they exist!

One evening I promise to test my nerve and take a walk through the wood in the dark (with torch) to this particular barn. It sounds easy, but believe me this is a challenge I’m more likely to shirk than complete.



19 Replies to “Barns in Teesdale”

  1. Oh I would be terrified! I have encountered bears, and cats….but I’m more afraid of wild people than wild animals. Last winter I tried to photograph an old barn at night when I heard footsteps coming towards me in the dark. Fortunatley my car was right there and I sped away in fear. eeeek…. You have definitely captured a mysterious feel to this old barn. I love it!

    1. It’s even more scary the closer you get. Of all the old barns I’ve come across in Teesdale, this has to be the most spooky! I think hearing a moan from inside would just finish me off! Yes, keeping the old engine running might be a good idea, except it’s a bit of a hike to the car from the barn Thanks for you reply!

  2. Well, all the more scary if they don’t have any windows!! I would be more worried about the dirt left behind and the possibility of startling some rodents. Not that I fear them, but that I wouldn’t want them running across my feet to get out of my way. 🙂 I would, however be really afraid if it was the pitch black of night and alone. Awesome painting.

    1. It’s not the vermin I fear, I think it’s the darkness, or the door closing behind me when I step inside. I blame all those episodes of Dr Who when I was a child! (still am). Thank you for your feedback Leslie, it makes it all so worth while.

  3. I just checked out your twelve images on Facebook. I think your local tourist board should make a calendar from them. Very inspiring. Now, I want to paint and sketch the North Pennines when I visit England.

  4. Pretty little barn and a nice treatment.

    I’ve taken to looking at barns (now I live in a rural area) as signs of the different effects of weather. Sometimes they seem better measures of nature than any other human-built structures.

  5. When I first started practicing my drawing I created a barn with a dark entrance, as most are, with two young folks sceptically peeping in. When it comes to those dark entrance who can blame anyone to approach with care. :-). I never did post that drawing up, but think I will following this reply, as childish as it looks, just for the fun of it. It is called “Curious”
    Oh, better take a flashlight and a bat with you before you go into that barn you are speaking of.:-)

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