Holwick Teesdale

I now realise some of my posts are starting to look slightly repetitive! Aware that this could endanger the few followers I have, becoming uninterested, I promise to make no more postings of Holwick for the foreseeable future. I shall broaden my net and move across the AONB and away from the NNR. However 🙂 this painting of Holwick Castles was originally started on a very windy day in September. I decided to complete it at home, hence the slightly overworked colour (always a danger for me).


10 Replies to “Holwick Teesdale”

  1. The scene is beautiful. I love those rock formations. I don’t think there is any danger of your paintings becoming uninteresting 😉

    1. Thank you Amber. Holwick in Teesdale is a stunning location. The crags are known as ‘The Holwick Castles.’ The rock is called Whin Sill formed 295 million years ago when molten rock was injected between layers of Carboniferous rocks. It solidified underground to form a vast sheet of hard dolerite, or whinstone. It’s now exposed at the surface and forms dramatic landscapes in Upper Teesdale and on the Pennine escarpment. Really pleased you like my painting- I guess I am a little dull with the same subject!

  2. Oh no! I don’t think this is overworked at all, Keith, just brighter. I love the angled shadow off the foreground incline with the light spilling all around in the distance. More! I could look at the same scene done in different seasons and the same scene done different ways. I am NOT BORED! Paint and share what you like!

    1. Hi Leslie, Thank you for the feedback. I seem a little stuck in my ways concerning subject matter. I think part of the reason being, I’m never convinced I do the landscape justice. It’s such a wild and beautiful location. That shadow scared me to death!

  3. I don’t think you overworked the color, I think this is beautiful. I would love to visit Holwick Teesdale based on your lovely painting. I also like the pen work in this painting, which lends interest to the shapes of the landscape.

    1. Thank you Barry. I’m so pleased you took the time to leave a message on my blog. Your opinion is always gratefully received. I try to think about my subject before I begin to paint. It’s my mind I need to work on. The fingers seem to follow what the brain’s thinking-getting the brain started is the hardest part. I’m flattered by your feedback, one day I might be half the painter you are!

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