This is my take on ‘the girl with the pearl earring”

Today (3rd October 2010) must be the wettest day of the year. It’s poured all day, even Doris refuses to step out! I decided it was her turn for a little portrait. I worked from a photo I took earlier in the day. I finished in one session, which isn’t like me at all. She (Doris) must be the most friendly dog I’ve ever had. She loves the children and they do her! Doris follows the boys around the house, wants to join in with whatever they’re doing. She’s also head of security- a tough job, but Westies make great house dogs. I might try and take some more pictures to see if I can paint her in a less contrived pose.  Acrylic on canvas.

Doris-West Highland Terrier

8 Replies to “Doris”

    1. Thank you Leslie. It was a real challenge, but I’ve continued to paint in reverse placing the darker colours down first. Goes against everything I’ve ever done in the past. It’s so difficult to find a new direction, but building up from dark to light seems to be working for me, or at least I’m enjoying it more. Doris started completely blue, I wish I’d taken a picture in stages like you do, but I finished it so quickly I guess there wasn’t time. Thank you as always for your feedback. It’s always appreciated.

    1. Thanks Amber. She’s a very loving little dog. I’ve heard some people have problems with Westies around small children, but Doris is so loving with our boys. She sneaks onto the sofa between them when we’re not in the room. Thanks once again for your lovely feedback. Very much appreciated!

  1. Oh Doris is lovely and you have caught her spirit. Thank you for your great comment on my blog today – we are loving our wee Westie and are excited to have the children discover ZIP this holiday.

    My Neighbor’s name is Molly and she has a schnauzer named Brody and 2 young nephews who live clear across the USA. Her nephew who is 4 is very confused about what to call his Aunt, because the dogs who live on either side of his house are both named Molly. So he calls them Dog Molly, Molly Dog and “Monkey Molly” for his Auntie!

    This story made me laugh. How did you pick the name Doris?

    Lovely picture thank you for sharing.

    1. Dog Molly, Molly Dog and Monkey Molly I love it! Zip looks so much like Doris, and your story about the stairs made me laugh! Doris would climb up, but never have the nerve to come back down, this went on for months! I named her after my grandmother. My two boys love her and she’s so good with them, they all play together it’s a joy to watch. I’m so pleased you liked my little picture. I’m going to send Zip a pictures of Doris.

  2. ZIP and I would love a picture of Doris thank you

    Zip’s mum has a long and fancy name and registry all starting with W

    They call her Whitney, which is my eldest daughter’s name! Is it not fun how we all celebrate our names!

    Monkey Molly says she is just happy her nephew knows who she is! when she lives clear across the country!

    Thank you for you kind words

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