Kirk Carrion North Pennines

25 September

Revisited Kirk Carrion at the weekend. Wild, windy day made painting very difficult. I produced this sketch from the car using
one of those smart quick drying pens that

Kirk Carrion

don’t run once the colour’s applied. I love this spot. The trees sit upon an ancient
burial mound thought to be the resting place of a great chieften by the name of Caryn. You can find out more by visiting the attached link.


5 Replies to “Kirk Carrion North Pennines”

  1. This landscape makes me want to take that walk up to the burial grounds. Excellent composition on this, Keith. There is so much open space! I imagine the high winds just build and build! I’d have to sit in the car, also, which would seriously crimp my ability to use some of my supplies as I’d need more room.

  2. It looks like a fabulous spot and I really like your treatment of it. It appears as if you’re dragging the brush over the rough paper and allowing bits of white to come through the wash. Effective.

  3. Thank you Barry. It’s a great place to visit when Autumn colours are showing. The pen was fun to work with, reminded me of my old visualizer days in advertising. I’ve also started using a much bigger brush that has a very fine point. I find it easier to control the wash, the dry areas happen by chance but I like them. This also reminds me of the days I used to mock up visuals with magic markers! Thanks again for taking the time to reply!

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