Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Crossing
The Crossing 2

, was so busy, I managed to take lots of sneaky pictures. This painting was produced back at home, from a photo taken above a pedestrian crossing. The original includes many more people, but I rather enjoyed this section of the painting. I really like the way the figures walk in and out of the frame. They all look so lost in thought, planning, plotting! I’m still going through my purple phase. If you look at the larger picture, you’ll see I’m trying to emulate Leslie’s green/blue shades in the hair. I’m never sure if sunglasses are a confidence thing, or lack of!  On reflection I should call this work ‘sketches with colour’, rather than painting. My ability to paint quickly outdoors, is often sometimes evident in the work I produce indoors. Perhaps I should allow more time, but over working a picture is always my biggest fear, that’s why they so often look half finished!


2 Replies to “Edinburgh Fringe Festival”

  1. I don’t think your work looks half-finished at all. I like the idea of catching people in their different thoughts and I like the color you turned on in this one. Your close-up shows me your gesture work with line and your pen that I so like about your work and caused me to tell you about Franck.
    On the subject of overworking? I think each artist knows when they are done with a piece, don’t you? Something that would be overworking for you might be another’s finish. I like to think we try to carry something as far as we know what to do with it and then we are done. Some end up satisfying and others are just called yuck and set aside. I have learned that much of what I set aside and don’t like is picked up by a relative or friend and liked. What is that about? It means we are all different. I know I am the worst judge of my own creations…..LOL.

  2. Your right of course, everything is so subjective. I often like to finish what I’ve started in the same period. If I leave a painting too long in between visits, when I return I find my thoughts pattern has changed so much, that I’m unable to continue. Thanks again for your feedback, it really is appreciated.

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