Edinburgh Fringe Festival

We, (the family and I) having just returned from a week at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, are now trying to recoup following a hectic week. We stayed in a beautiful cottage near the historic town of Linlithgow, commuting the short journey to Edinburgh each day by train. Described as ‘the world’s largest arts festival’ there’s a staggering 32,000 performances and more than 2,000 shows packed into 250 venues across the city. We enjoyed a great week of comedy, theatre and music. This year’s street entertainment proved to be the best, but it was the onlookers that caught my attention. I’m sure I can identify  several nationalities by the clothes as well as the structure of the chin, nose, and jawbone. I don’t get it right each time, but I can spot a French, Spanish even a Dutchman most of the time. This simple line and wash was produced from a picture my son Lewis, took of the ice cream queue. As soon as I spotted it in the camera, I knew I had to have a go painting it. I have no prejudices to any colour or gender, but the guy at the front of the que is gay, the next guy could be an American, there’s a Japanese girl followed by a Brit or possibly another American cousin. What do you think? Either way I love them all!

The Ice cream Queue
Close up
The Ice cream que