Market Man

Did you just take a photo of me?



I like to paint


Yes paint

Paint what?


Pictures of what?


People like me you mean?


Do you sell em?


How much for?


So if you paint a picture of me and sell it, do I get paid?



You just don’t

But I should!

That’s first time you haven’t asked me a question


Was that a question?

Are you trying to be funny?


Market Man- North Pennines

12 Replies to “Market Man”

  1. You really captured a moment, here, Keith. He looks exactly like he is talking to you. He also looks like he just finished paying for this week’s groceries. That’s about how I look these days after grocery shopping. Did you use a different paper? I like the texture of this paper. One of my favorites!

    1. Hi Leslie, Thank you for the feedback. He was a wise old coot who had me in circles. He was having a wee bit of fun. My wife has a stall on the local farmers’ market. I try to sneak the occasional photo when possible. I mix paper all the time, depending on line work involved. This was produced on 300gsm cold pressed NOT. My scanner picks out the grain in the paper as dark spots. I’m not sure how to alter the settings, but I kind of like them!

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