Village Cricket, Norton Stockton on Tees

I produced this small sketch from another photograph taken while watching village cricket in Norton, Stockton on Tees. There’s a fair amount of artistic license going on with some of the cricketers but I really enjoyed the painting. I’m planning to produce a few more cricket paintings on my next visit to Durham Riverside (weather permitting).

Village Cricket-Norton

16 Replies to “Village Cricket, Norton Stockton on Tees”

  1. You have been absolutely prolific this week. I like both this one and the shoppers! I hope you don’t mind my linking to this as I have just talked about little people in paintings. You seem to have that down pat!

    1. Richard,

      Many thanks for your feedback, it’s much appreciated. I too find it difficult and each painting is a new challenge.
      Recently my work has lost direction, so I’m trying to focus on how I think, rather than what I see.


      1. Just looked at your video of the North Pennines Lakes beautiful. I think you have the same problem as I do too much to look at. When I feel overwhelmed, I just play with colour and light with very quick sketches just to keep the juices flowing.

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