Upper Teesdale

Upper Teesdale Farm

We recently undertook a walk along Harwood Beck in Upper Teesdale as part of Natural England’s summer event programme. The walk, only a few miles in length Took us to a delightful spot where Sand Martins and Swallows meet to catch small flies close to the meeting of Harwood Beck and the river Tees. This painting was produced showing one of the many isolated farm buildings close to the path. We enjoyed all the early signs of spring with Blue Gentians, Birdseye Primrose plus, lots of Lapwings and Oystercatchers. I’m really pleased with the sketch, makes up for some of my recent rubbish!


6 Replies to “Upper Teesdale”

    1. Hi Leslie,

      Many thanks for your post. I always look for your messages. Your comments are always of a great help to me. It’s a while since I posted anything due to work overload! Thanks again as always!


  1. I like the way you combine pen and wash. It’s a great outdoor sketching combination. I do a lot of it myself and hope to try it out someday in the English countryside.

    1. Hi Barry,

      Many thanks for your post. I spend a lot of time mixing mediums but enjoy the quick sketch and wash when working outdoors. I’m off for a look at your own site. Keep in touch please!


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