Belsay, Northumberland

Belsay watercolour

While the sun was shining, my wife and I drove to Northumberland to see the art exhibition at Belsay Hall. I’d read enough to know it wasn’t suitable for children, so we decided to visit during school hours. I was correct regarding the certificate, (not for young children), but was moved and when I saw the sculptures which are part of the ‘extra ordinary measures’ exhibition.  The sculptures are both miniature and large scale. One of huge naked man, seated in a large empty room, with a mintaure sculpture of a couple in bed laid in the spoons position. There’s a video in one of the rooms showing exactly how these pieces of work were made.

The quarry gardens are breathtaking, containg many exotic plants. The Jacobean mansion houses an incredible  mechanical display of butterflies, birds and sprites.

Here’s a link to Ron Mueck, that artist who created the sculptures


2 Replies to “Belsay, Northumberland”

  1. First of all. I love the painting of the man on the bench. One thing I really like about your watercolor and ink paintings is that they have a strong signature style. It is like a conversation with the viewer and I sometimes just scroll through your paintings to see where you have been.
    Several bloggers have blogged about Ron Mueck. I would take the time to go if there ever is an exhibition of his work in Chicago. I think they are so interesting!

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