Holwick Teesdale

Holwick, County Durham - Watercolour

Holwick was once the most northerly village in Yorkshire. After boundary changes in 1974 it was absorbed in to County Durham. I’m not sure if the inhabitants consider themselves to be Yorkshire or Durham, either way it’s a lovely village, stretching out as a linear settlement, rather than a cluster. There’s a great old pub called the Strathmore Arms. We used to camp in the field behind when we were children. Happy – days! On the day I painted this small watercolour, I’d headed out with the intention of wandering much further, but a persistent back problem had me searching for lower routes.

However, I did manage the walk up the path along Holwick Castles, so called for their buttress shape and impassible cliffs. I sat on a rock and painted the scene you see attached. It was early summer with little rain. Come July and August I expect things to change.

While packing my things away, I noticed a rabbit fall twenty feet down the cliff face, pause on a ledge and then fall another twenty or so feet to the scree below. It then bounced on it’s back along the scree before disappearing down a black hole. It took me a while to fathom what I’d just witnessed. If you think you know, try dropping me an email.


6 Replies to “Holwick Teesdale”

  1. Hi Leslie,

    I think a Stoat caught the rabbit, killed it, then threw it down the rock face (far easier than dragging it). It then dragged it across the scree before vanishing down a hole. It was a little disturbing. Pleased you like the picture. Yes, it’s a very small village!


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