I took a day off work while the sun was shining, packing my bag and heading for Teesdale.  My intention was to walk up Cronkley Fell and paint the river Tees. However, recent back problems have forced me to keep along the lower paths, so I wondered around Holwick Castles for the afternoon. It was a lovely warm day, with only a slight hint of rain. I produced this small watercolour  along a shady lane. I thought this spot would be more private, but was proved wrong when a group of a dozen or so walkers appeared from nowhere. Pleased to say they were a real friendly bunch, very polite in asking for permission to have a look, before peering over my shoulder to view my humble efforts. Very complimentary too! Makes a lovely change when people are so polite. Thank you folks!


2 Replies to “Holwick-Teesdale”

  1. What a wonderful day you had! I was intimidated, at first, by people watching me. I found out what you did. Most people have been really nice and sincerely interested in what we do. This landscape looks bright and sunny, Keith! Good job.

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