Whitby Shoppers

We (my family and I) spend a great deal of time in Whitby – more so out of season! That’s before the bus loads of tourists arrive for their ice cream, waffles and fish and chips, not that we have a problem with it,  just preferring the peace of winter and early spring.  It’s also a good time to catch people with their winter body armor.  Extra padding, hoods up, brollies poised for combat! I sneak as many photographs as I can. Sometimes I’m far too obvious, as in this case when the gent in question could clearly see I was trying to take his picture. It’s the same with painting, people just get curious and want to come over for a better look. At this point I usually strike up conversation and stop working, not making another brush stroke until they’ve gone. You can see I’m still going through my purple patch- not quite sure when it’ll pass!

Whitby Shoppers Pen and Ink

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