Teesdale Sheep

Most farms in Upper Teesdale have Swaledales as their stock. These sheep are very hardy, surviving the winter outside on the fells. So if a farm was to be sold, the sheep would be retained on the farm, ‘hefted’ means they’ve become accustomed to their own grazing limits. If the weather stays mild, Autumn is a great time to be painting outdoors. In particular, the peat landscape of North Pennines comes alive for me. It’s mood darkens but the colours sing. However, one must be careful whilst choosing a decent vantage point from which to paint! Chasing sheep around the fells anytime of year, can start tounges wagging! These hardy fellows were caught grazing near Langdon Beck, on the road to Alston. I swear they smile back at you!

Teesdale Sheep (Pen and Ink)

One Reply to “Teesdale Sheep”

  1. I selected this one to comment on, Keith. I’ve been surfing through your ink and watercolor paintings and admiring them. These two sheep are priceless and I agree that they are either smiling at you or maybe saying “Look at that guy over there, and do you think we should move?”. I like what I see here and will be back to read more and follow your wanderings.

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