Red Deer

After enjoying the BBC’s ‘Autumn Watch’ in 2009, where a team of scientists were stationed on the island of Rum watching Red Deer with a webcam.  I became so engrossed by the story of the stags and there ritual mating duals, I decided to learn a little more. This was one of my attempts at capturing a little of what the webcam brought into my studio.

Red Deer (Watercolour)

8 Replies to “Red Deer”

  1. This is a beautiful painting! I have a mystical thing for deer and wound up here when I clicked “random post.” A bit of synchronicity after a long day… What a handsome shade of reddish brown he is! Our native deer are the White-tailed Deer, medium sized according to Wikipedia. We call the males bucks and the females does. Apparently your Red Deer are larger, and you call the males harts and the females hinds. But we both also call the males stags. He is one majestic creature, and you did him justice with your paintbrush!

    1. Thank you Barbara. We have three kinds of deer in the UK, Fallow, Roe and Red. The deer are now in their rutting season. Last year during a show on TV called Autumn Watch, they had a webcam hidden on the island of Rum in Scotland. I became hooked. I watched every day on my spare monitor whilst working. It was almost like looking through a window into Scotland. All the Alfa males were given the names of Roman Emperors, it was fascinating to watch. I’ve attached a link from the last series, but have a feeling it only works within the UK. I really appreciate your kind words as I struggled with this painting.

      1. You sound like my husband, with a spare monitor… Thanks for the link, Keith, you’re right, it wouldn’t let me use the webcam. Darn! Perhaps it’s just as well, I would have become hooked, too… Your “About Me” says some of your work is for sale. Would this one perhaps be one of them?

      2. Hi Barbara, I too became hooked on the webcam, sorry it didn’t work for you, the BBC are funny when exporting web information outside the UK.
        Although I take my painting seriously (and it’s a big part of my life), I don’t take trying to sell them seriously. If someone’s interested in buying
        a painting I’m usually to flattered! So, I’m also flattered you might be interested in purchasing the Red deer. It’s not a big painting A5 I think.
        I don’t want you to part with your hard earned cash, so what if I was to send you a print, free of charge, my gift to you! I can output onto watercolour paper
        so they look nice. Let me know what you think, and thanks again for your flattery 🙂

      3. Oh Keith, I’d be so thrilled to have a copy!! You’re so kind! I have no idea what A5 means, but I’m sure I’ll love it and find a perfect frame and place to hang it no matter what size it is! Thank you, thank you so much!!!

  2. I just clicked on your ‘my family and other animals’ category to find more like the cows and came across this – it’s beautiful. The colours in it are lovely as is the detail.

    I’ve not seen deer close-to for years.

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