The Upper Tees

This is an area where I spend a great deal of my spare time. It’s a wild unforbidding place, one that captures the very sprit of the Tees in its upper reaches.  Reaching for a single adjective to describe this landscape would be to call it a ‘wilderness’. However, in 1971 this river was tamed by the industries in Teesside when Cow Green reservoir was built. Public knowledge of the rare and diverse specious of plant life that surrounded the proposed reservoir was limited and the conservationists lost their battle against the industrialists. The reservoir no longer serves industry on Teesside. The oil crisis of the early 70’s saw to that. It did however bring to the attention of the media and public, the importance of this environment.

The Upper Tees (Ink)

9 Replies to “The Upper Tees”

  1. ..this place, & Baldersdale, are my choices. These places are “pure life” itself. Kinda like Mother Earth should be…
    Tracey Shay @–>—- (<— a rose )

  2. I wanted to find this river of yours where Peg Powler lives, and came across this beauty. What a wonderful wilderness and banked by flowers too! I only wish I could see it larger. It’s so pretty. Is the resevoir still there? I love how you fully appreciate the natural beauties of where you live.

    1. Hi Amber, That particular picture was painted in inks. I painted straight from the bottles with no mixing. There’s a lovely plum colour in the range I started using for shadows. I think the bottles empty. I’m going to purchase some new kit with my birthday money! The reservoir is still there, but it’s now a bit of a red herring! This area along the river Tees near Widdybank is so beautiful and remote. Tees means ‘surging river’ in Celtic. I’d love to read more about where you live.

      1. The ink looks similar to watercolor in a way. Maybe richer. Does it dry quicker as you are painting? So interesting about the Celtic name. Where I live most names are in Spanish. My home of Pacifica is full of names like “vista mar” (view the sea), “mira mar” (look at the sea), “reina del mar” (queen of the sea), and the most popular beach is “linda mar” (beautiful sea). I guess the sea is kinda a running theme. hehe. With all the people here it’s hard to see what the area is suppossed to be like. But when you look out from the highest hill you can somewhat imagine what the Spanish might have seen when they first arrived…rolling hills greened by fog, valleys full of estuaries and tributaries leading to the Bay, forests of windblown cypress and unbending redwoods, and of course the ever impressive Pacific!

      2. The ink works in much the same way as water-colour, although I try not to mix, using water to thin the colour. It has an almost gloss finish and dries very flat. I love the Spanish names “rein del mar”. The Spanish always had their eye on beautiful places as well as gold! Your description of the rolling hills and estuaries is sending me on a google visit. Windblown cypress trees-oh yes please!

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