The Teesdale Assemblage & Sheep

Sneezewort (Watercolour)

Just a few of the paintings from 2009. Most of these were done on location, with a few taken back to my studio for work in the warmth! I do find that the best examples are those that are done quickly on the spot!

Most of the illustrations in ink, probably found their way to my studio for completion. The ink bottles can be dangerous to carry around, so I prefer to keep these at home. I’ve played around with various mediums, but for me, ‘Peat Ink’ is a fabulous colour that captures the peat landscape and the fauna of the habitat. Yes, I do paint a lot of sheep (but only those I can catch 🙂

Mountain Avens (Watercolour)
Sheep at Langdon Beck (Ink)
Speedwell (Ink)

4 Replies to “The Teesdale Assemblage & Sheep”

  1. Hey I found your gravatar! Sneezewort! What a name I must say… lol. A lovely collection and what a joy it must be to draw and paint on the spot, enjoying the air and sounds of the outdoors… I think you live in a VERY picturesque location.

    1. Amber, Sneezewort was an old remedy for those with cold or a stuffy head. It grows along the banks of the river Tees. It has very attractive flowers and much loved by insects. Yes, I’m a bit of an old sneezewort at times too! I’m really pleased you enjoyed my Teesdale Assemblage. I shall endeavour to bring you more tales from the river bank in due course, (unless you fall asleep of course). Teesdale has some very rare flowers, many indigenous to the area, hence the collective name ‘Teesdale Assemblage’, Yawn… heck! I think I’m sending myself to sleep 😉 Thanks for reading and the feedback. Good luck with the wedding shoot!

  2. Gosh, you British ! I thought I’d never get over “snicket”, first encountered on my C2C hike in 1994…found a book of hidden snickets in York , after the ramble…still enjoy looking at it. NOW, here comes “Sneezewort” ! Lordy !
    Your evocative pictures of Whitby bring back wonderful memories as do your flocks of sheep in folds and scapes…we need to talk about purchase…

    1. Hi Gretchen,
      a friend and I are also walking the C2C although we do a section every now and then, about half way in two years. Sneezewort!, I believe I have a watercolour somewhere. Please let me know if there’s a painting that takes your fancy, I don’t look to sell very often, they’re more a past-time rather than a commercial venture. I’m impressed you did the C2C.

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