Low Force

I painted this picture in the summer of 2009, perched precariously above rocks at Low Force. It was a lovely warm day, with plenty of insects to keep me distracted.  I was booked to lead a Natural England -Watercolour walk on the following day as part of their summer event programme. I thought this would be a great spot to bring the group, sitting as it does on an island in the middle of the river. There’s a dry channel allowing you onto the island that’s covered in Yellow Globe flowers. However, after a night of torrential rain, the island was completely inaccessible. Make the most of every nice day!

Middle Force (Watercolour)

5 Replies to “Low Force”

  1. Keith,

    What a delightful surprise to find my friend is so talented. Musician, numismatist and now artist. Wow ! Have a cold ale (Yankee style) on me and think of my lanquishing here in the land of pilsners and brandy.

  2. Is this part of the river Tees? Beautiful how you captured the rapids and the wet rocks. That sounds very nice leading a watercolor walk despite the change of plans for this spot. I hope you were able to find an equally lovely place for your group. Lovely to see the trees along the river too. Do I read too that you’re a musician? Any piano I wonder? I’ll be away for a week. Hope you have a nice week and stay warm!

    1. This section is just above Low Force on the river Tees. I produced this picture from rocks in the middle of the river, not the safest place to be 🙂 I lead a group each year along the river Tees on a watercolour event. Natural England is the government body that looks after the countryside in England, I’m a ranger on the nature reserve. I play the paino, guitar, banjo, mandolin all very badly 🙂 my singing is terrible! Hope you have a great holiday Amber. Safe return.

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